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Watermelon Limeade

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Watermelon Limeade | Licious Food  #Drinks #Beverage  #ThirstyThursdays


It’s almost the weekend and it’s time for a new feature on this lovely blog entitled Thirsty Thursdays.

So the plan, my friend, is to feature a drink each Thursday. It can be alcoholic and then again it could be non-alcoholic. Could be cold or hot. It’s Thirsty Thursdays… so who cares?! If it’s a drink then I shall blog about it … on Thursday. Have I said “thirsty” and “Thursday” enough? I think I did.

So what is the first drink for this new and exciting series? Watermelon Limeade. It’s so good that it had to be blogged. It’s been a drink idea that has been churning in my head since I attended the awesomely great, Eat Write Retreat food blogger conference. I was lucky enough to be a volunteer and learned so much. It also made me passionate about blogging again along with validating the thoughts running around in my mind. I am still composing that particular post. So as soon as it’s ready it will be posted on the blog.

Well, at the conference I was introduced to this great tasting sparkling mineral water – Gerolsteiner. Truly marvelous. I don’t like sparkling mineral water. I think it is disgusto. It tastes just blah. Gerolsteiner changed that thought. I actually think I could give up soda … back that up. Yes, I said it, I could actually give up soda if I had Gerolsteiner to drink. I am quite amazed with myself with that revelation.

Another sponsor of Eat Write Retreat was National Watermelon Promotion Board.  I love watermelon.  I could it eat every day.  For realsies.   The entire weekend during the conference I feasted on some of the best watermelon.   It was fantastic!

Now, both of these are amazingly awesome all on it’s own but what if they were combined with the combination of lime. Knock – OUT!

I love a good limeade but I usually head to Sonic to partake.  I never bothered to try and make it and now I think I might be hooked.   It might be my drink of summer 2013.  Fast tip – make sure you have no type of nicks/cuts on your hand when squeezing many acidity limes (or lemons) if using a manual juicer. OUCH!

Until Next Time,

Watermelon Limeade
Adapted from Delilah Winder’s Limeade from Delilah’s Every Day Soul

Makes 3 cups

6 Limes, juiced
2 1/2 cups Sparkling spring water
1 cup watermelon, pureed
1/4 cup hot water
1/2 cup granulated sugar

Combine hot water and sugar and stir until combined; should resemble a syrup – no sugar crystals should remain.
Juice limes and pour into a pitcher. Add watermelon puree and sugar water aka simple syrup and stir.
Finally add the sparkling spring water, give a slight stir, and then proceed to serve in glass over ice.