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I entered a Cupcake contest …

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I am not a contest type of person … really. I hate losing or the fact that I just might not measure up. I like to think I don’t care what others think but at times I do …

However, reading a post on Bakerella one day about all the ways to be competitive in the food world and the Duncan Hines contest caught my interest. I love Duncan Hines! If I have to make a cake from a box it’s my go to cake from a box; especially the Butter Cake.

From the get go I had many ideas and my thought for my entry was chocolate but the chocolate idea did not work out exactly as I had hoped. I will be posting the recipe on my next blog update (I haven’t forgotten I have to do four posts this month — I still have time).

Banana Mania Cupcakes is my take on my love of bananas, growing up in the South, with a dash of Toffee. It is a great summer dessert, not overly heavy and it satisfies. The cake alone is yums — I would know since I ate three cupcakes after baking. Have to test the goods ya know! The banana whip icing is just well icing! 🙂

I can’t win this contest alone I need votes; I need votes every day until July 28th so if you happen to stumble along this blog and would like to vote for Banana Mania simply click on the link below (you can also view the recipe by clicking on the link)

Vote for Banana Mania Cupcakes

If you would like to share with your friends so they can vote too — I am not opposed to that either.

Happy Eatings!

Banana Mania Cupcakes

Updated on 12.21.10, new link provided for Banana Mania Cupcakes; Click here for Banana Mania Cupcakes Recipe!