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In-n-Out – That’s what I am about!

Double Double Slider

Whenever I visit Los Angeles, my first stop is to the In-N-Out near LAX.  In-N-Out has to be one of my favorite fast food experiences. Visiting the LAX location the food is always hot, fresh, and oh so yummy!  You can also see the planes land at LAX (so have a camera ready).

My dilemma however is that I live in Virginia and there is no In-N-Out – Boo! There is not even an In-N-Out on the East Coast – double boo!  When a craving strikes I have to take matters in my own hands.

So I did.

Several months ago I got a great deal on a Slider Cooker at Target – $7.00 – it was a bargain calling my name – really $7.00?? How could I leave it at the store? Justifying that I will use the cooker for all types of sliders and then in turn make blog gold – I bought it.  I’m reaching – I know; that’s my story and I am sticking with it.

I had been thinking about making “Faux” Double Double sliders for the past month so I finally dug out the slider machine and all the ingredients to fulfill my craving.  FYI:  Sliders are a great finger food for Football Saturdays or Sundays however be sure to make plenty!

There is no real recipe to be had – you simply need ground beef, American cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, Thousand Island Dressing, and buns.   The brilliance is in the assembling.

To assemble a Double Double the order is as follows:
Bottom Bun
Sauce (1000 Island)
1st Burger Patty
1st American Cheese Slice
2nd Burger Patty
2nd American Cheese Slice
Top Bun

When you layer the burger correctly (or in my case incorrectly*) it is burger heaven!  It’s like a party in your mouth and you are so happy you can’t help but do your happy dance.  I did my happy dance – it’s “The Carlton”.

I think I was delusional with hunger after assembling my mini “Faux” Double Doubles yet I swear the smell wafting to my nostrils smelled like that of an actual In-n-Out creation – I am thinking it was hunger.  The smell made me think of LA – I love LA.  I hope to one day call LA home.

To compliment my slider creation I went into full gluttonous mode and made fresh cut French Fries. Two words. HOG. HEAVEN.  I ate my sliders and fries and caught up on The Vampire Diaries – good times!

Until Next Time,

* I assembled my burgers incorrectly in the photo featured – oops!


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  1. i think in-n-out is one of the best burger places, cheap too!
    and you did the right thing about spending the 7 bucks, good for you! (:

  2. Yummy!! These look and sound simply delicious. I have to say — there is something very special about Sliders. I love the deal you got on the slider cooker and that it called your name! Good luck and keep me updated on your slider creations 🙂


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