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Sloppy Joes v1

When I think of my childhood, my mind drifts to sitting around the dinner table with my sister and Mom chattering and laughing.  Those were great times — simple times — oh to be a kid again!

Nostalgia and a touch of boredom hit me recently and the thought of “Sloppy Joes” struck.

Back then Sloppy Joes was simply adding Manwich to ground beef and there was no such thing as ground turkey (truly showing my age). I tried to recapture that Manwich feeling a few years ago and I’ll never do it again — stanks very much! Lets just say it did not bring back happy memories!

The recipe for Sloppy Joes comes from Rae Rae (Rachael Ray) and Food Network. It is a simple and easy recipe and yes it is Yumm-O!

This recipe is so easy; I am simply providing the recipe link for Sloppy Joes for you. Go forth and enjoy!

FYI: Instead of using ground sirloin and red pepper; I simply utilized a pound of ground turkey and green peppers. My nephew had no complaints so I always take that as a good sign. He can be some what of a food critic  for someone who is so young, LOL!

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