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Life has been crazy and unexpected of late. My job has been a lot more demanding, so much so that I feel there is not enough time in the day. However, the crazy part of that is that on Monday I was informed that in September my job will no longer exist …. The crazier part is that I am actually okay with it. I keep visualizing our repeat clients with their crazy requests being actually told no — it is downright gleeful! Now, the Virgo in me does not like the fact that I will be unemployed and with no sort of safety net and no MEDICAL BENEFITS!

I do feel that this is God’s way of pushing me towards something new and fulfilling a dream I always think about yet I have not done anything to try and achieve. My dream is to move to California – LA area specifically and find a career that makes me happy and excited with growth (not too much to ask) and begin a new phase of my life. I just need to figure out how to accomplish? My first goal is my resume – that baby needs to overhauled, pronto! I have set my first goal for my dream and that is to have my resume re-worked by the end of July. I also decided to let a professional do it. I think it’s the best move.

Another crazy thing that happened is that I won that beautiful camera that you see at the top! Me a winner! I don’t win contests – wait that is not totally true I did win a Blue Ribbon at the State Fair when I was in High School for Carrot Cake. So let me rephrase and say I have not won a contest in many many moons. I woke up to a tweet saying that I had won a DSLR camera back in May thanks to simply posting on Food Blog Forum. Can we say AMAZEBALLS?!? I have not had a chance to use it but there are plans – lots o’plans. I enjoy visiting Food Blog Forum; they answer those questions that you have and you also converse with other bloggers. When I started this blog I truly had no clue and inch by inch I am getting a clue thanks to them.

Speaking of Food Blogs that brings me to my blog. I have been experimenting in the kitchen and thinking how to get myself on a schedule so my blog doesn’t look deserted. I plan to post my kitchen adventure in Sloppy Joe land in the days coming. A decision has been reached (by me) that each month I will have a theme to my blog and July’s theme will be cupcakes. Each week in July I will post about cupcakes. This guarantees that I will have at least four postings a month which is a lot more than I have been posting. (Edited on 08.15.10 — Hmm , did not accomplish that goal. My full time job is taking more of my time than I thought and what little down time I have I am sleeping. However, I will return! I am sure I will have oodles of time when my job comes to an end.)

Well that’s my current life in a blog posting!

‘Til Next Time!


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