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Eh, Zed, Postal Codes, Ryan Reynolds, and all things Canada

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So I went to Canada – Toronto area if you would like to get all specific and Brampton if you really really want to get down to the nitty gritty. It was just a long weekend to recharge my batteries and catch up with an old friend. It was also a chance to EAT … I am very fond of that action as my waistband likes to tell me every day.

Since I have not baked or cooked anything since returning I thought I would share some pictures. Who doesn’t like pictures?

The first picture is of Poutine. Poutine is heaven – take the goodness of fried potatoes (fries) add the yumtasticness of gravy and top that with cheese (curd). You know if a cheese curd is good stuff if it squeaks (according to my research). The curds squeaked. I was not sure if I would enjoy this delicacy but I had to try it. After doing research and narrowing down the prospects my friend and I decided to visit


Look at the menu choices … decisions, decisions


Being the novice that I am; I went with the traditional. A great decision all around. The “traditional” Poutine was like manna from heaven! Hot fries , tasty gravy, and good curds.


If you are ever in Toronto you should visit!

Poutini’s House of Poutine
1112 Queen Street West, Toronto

There are three things perhaps more that I am always on the quest for when traveling … a great burger; a moist and delicious cupcake; and taking a gazillion and one photos. However with my time constraints I did not get to enjoy a burger but did have great Prime Rib at The Keg!

Did have a chance to visit a cupcake shop entitled The Cupcake Shoppe.


Had a cupcake or two — they were ok, not my favorite. A bad cupcake is like a bad day; never a good thing! I didn’t enjoy the icing or the cake. Their tastes reminded me of cake that the cafeteria ladies would serve in school (you eat it but don’t enjoy it) – that was just me!


Meet “James Brown” and “Frost Me”. I loved the cupcake names!
Lesson learned – don’t choose a cupcake shop based on the cupcakes names!

I really don’t have anything else to add except I love Canada. I know I could never live there though even if it was shacked up with Ryan Reynolds … I don’t do winter!  Virginia winters are my limit and I really don’t care for those either.

Before I end this post I thought I would share photos of other things I saw while on my long weekend that went oh so fast!


Golden Arches with a Maple Leaf …


Cool building and rock in downtown Toronto



I learned how to use the macro function on my camera! It’s only been a year, I guess I should have read the manual?


Until next time!


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