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My Colors are Blush and Bashful

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“My colors are blush and bashful.”

“No, your colors are pink and pink.”

“Steel Magnolias” – I could watch that movie every day. You know it’s a favorite when you can quote backwards and forwards.

A sea of pink

Last weekend I had to bake over 50 plus cupcakes along with a cake made for a princess. I must say, I will never do that again! The Mom/co-worker I made the creation for nagged me from beginning to end. She reminded me why I don’t do baking professionally. I love baking and cooking but on my own terms and if you nag me/question me constantly you take that love away and bring out my evil side.

Cake topper

My kitchen looked like a pink bomb went off in there! Pink was everywhere … swirled in the cupcakes and cake, the icing, the flowers, the sprinkles. The only thing homemade was the buttercream. I decided to use box cake mix instead of making batter from scratch. I was on a time crunch since it was my work weekend. There was also the daunting task of creating a cupcake/cake tier from scratch but I managed.

Finished product v1

Using cake boards, ribbon, goblet glasses, double sided tape and adhesive squares I was able to create a pretty cool cupcake tier! The world wide web is a very wonderful thing. Have a question, simply googlelize and your answer will be found. If I ever have a pleasure of making a cupcake tier again – I will utilize cake dummies to separate the tiers. I think it will make it pleasing to the eye and perhaps a tad more stable. Last weekend was a total learning experience … some things I would repeat while others I would not.

Cupcake Tier How To’s

Cake Journal
Wedding Cupcake Tower
Instructables: Two Tier Cupcake Stand


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